Dude that phone was fuckin' ghost.
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  3. SPLUNK!
  4. Hot Index Ice Bar Evening
  5. This Bathroom Is Occupied
  6. Cave Dweller
  7. Cave Dweller (CLIK TRAX REMIX)
  8. Portrait of a Fragile man
  9. Victory Vibes
  10. Splunka
  11. You Just Fucking Died
  12. You Just Bliping Died

SPLUNK! - A Spelunker ReMiX Project


One of the shittiest games I can remember for the NES.

Seriously, you died if you fell like half the length of the size of your character's sprite. It was pretty asstastic.

The music was pretty meh and repetitive as well, but the game has a name that is fun to say, so needless to say I felt it deserved to have an entire remix project devoted to it, but it's not like it deserved a GOOD remix project, so OLR was the place to go.

Yes, the home of joke mixes and a whole bunch of people I never even heard of before. Seriously, what the hell is a Richter anyways?

Ooh… Castlevania reference? So genius……

Anyways, since I'm the guy who made Bound Together and I'm something of a big show nowadays, I felt that I needed to bring some big guns into the fold for this project, so I hit up a few good buddies of mine. You know, people that I talk to and hang out with and stuff… cuz we're friends and shit. I felt it was time for OLR to see some talent drop by and grace the site with some quality music.

So what we have here is SPLUNK!. It's a top notch remix project of some of the best music on the goddamned planet by remixers that I hand picked from a pool of thousands of hopefuls. Guys like Mazedude… I just partied with him this past weekend for New Years. Yeah… We're pretty tight. I told you I'm something of a big shot. Mustin is on here too. I crashed at his house a few times, cuz we're tight and all. And Zeratul. He's fucking GERMAN. Do you know what that means? It means he's fucking GERMAN. Yeah… I know… It's badass.

Anyways, enjoy this gift to OLR. You are all very welcome.

Hugs n kisses to all,

Joe Cam Creator - Bound Together

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